If you’re a world class traveler – or a couch potato that watches the
Travel Channel on a regular basis – you know that in just about every
city, in every country, in every part of the world…there’s a street food
scene. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, the street food scene is a
reflection of the cuisine, culture, and community of that place – straight
from the hearts and the homes of its people, to the hungry masses
wandering the hustling and bustling city streets.

Thanks to innovative young chefs, experienced restaurateurs, and
hungry foodies all looking for the “next greatest thing,” a gourmet
street food culture has emerged – right here in Southern California.
Even better…it’s fully mobile!

We believe that Southern California’s gourmet food truck scene is
diverse, dynamic, exciting, and unique – the best thing that’s
happened to our town in a LONG TIME. It provides Southern
California with a cuisine, culture, and community – which not only helps
us to define the West Coast, but justifies to the doubters why we
always come out on top.

We believe that our cities’ food trucks are amongst the very best in the
country – their owners are passionate about bringing superior goods
and services to their customers at the lowest possible prices.

We believe that our followers are hard-working people, who have a
genuine love for all things food, and who deserve to find both quality
AND value for their money.

We believe, especially during these rough economic times, that we
can bring this community together – gourmet food trucks and foodies
uniting as one family, one community – to create something lasting,
something special, and something we can all call “our own.”

If you have a food truck, we will put you on the map. If you chase food
trucks, we will keep you “in the know.” For us…it’s personal…and

Got Food Trucks? We do.

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